Bar End Mirror Youtube Review – By Stuart Fillingham

Now I like the Triumph bar end mirrors that come as standard with the motorcycle. But for me, they have one shortcoming. And that’s in order to adjust them to see the relevant part of the road behind me. I have to put up with at least one-third of the mirror being covered by my elbows. So, I knew right from the start I was going to have to replace them. And I was probably going to replace them with some sort of bar end mirror.

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Bar end mirrors have experienced a bit of a comeback these last few years. Especially with the popularity of the modern classic bikes, made by the likes of Triumph. But, I found them to either be too expensive with the likes of Rizoma, charging up to £200 a mirror, including the fixing kit. Even the Triumph mirrors are the best part of £100 (also with fixing kit), or they don’t look the part!

Now Triumph spent a lot of time and effort styling the new T120 on the original 1959 model. But, to me, the sharp anodized laser cut bar end mirrors that most companies have on offer just don’t look right. Now there are a few companies making retro-styled or plastic style mirrors. But Halcyon is definitely not one of them.

Halcyon 830 Mirror was Previously Known as the Stadium Bar End Mirror.

This is the Halcyon 830 classic bar end mirror, and when I say classic, they mean classic. The original design went into manufacturing as far back as 1934! Created by the well-known motorcycle accessory company, Stadium. The only design change over the years was back in the early 1960s. Back when the original, rectangular mirror head was replaced with a round one.

Replacement Parts for Bar End Mirrors Available.

The original base metal construction has now been replaced with stainless steel construction. So you can be sure this isn’t going to rust over time. The Current manufacturers, Halcyon, has returned to the original spring-loaded glass mounting system. This means if you’re unfortunate enough to break the glass, you don’t have to replace the whole mirror head. Halcyon can supply you with a new mirror glass and spring if required.

Holding Bar End Mirrors for Tight Spaces.

Halcyon has a wide range of bar end mountings. The mirror mountains allow the fit onto most modern motorcycles. The arm is mounted with a spring-loaded swivel. This allows you to adjust it to any position you want or moving it out of the way if you’re parking in a tight space.

Regular Sight Outside Ace Cafe London.

Now the ton-up boys of the Café racing era would have been very familiar with this very model. This bar end mirror would have been a regular sight outside the Ace Cafe London back in the day. Now with its polished stainless finish that looks just as good as any chrome, you’re going to come across. This mirror is going to look good on any modern classic bike.

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But its not just a pretty face, its actually a very practical mirror. The ability to adjust the arm outwards gives you superior visibility behind. Under normal speeds, there is no detectable vibration at all. It’s only on the Bonneville in top gear when you get up to 70mph that you can just detect a faint buzz in the image. But, it’s still crisp and clear, despite the UK’s pothole strung road in uneven surfaces.

The swivel hinge that I thought might be a problem handles the bumps and the knocks with ease. Although the bar end mirror does increase the width of the bike by a few inches, filtering still isn’t a problem because you can fold them in. I put this mirror through its paces for over a week, and to me, it seems to perform better than most modern mirrors.

“Originally Designed for Non-Suspension Motorcycles.”

– Stuart Fillingham – Youtube Review

But then the penny drops. Looking back to its origins, it was designed for suspensionless motorbikes, driving on a metalled road. So, I took it to the cobbled road halls old town and put it through its paces! The old high street that hasn’t had a resurface since the 1600s.

Testing the Bar End Mirrors on a cobbled road of The Old High Street.

Bar End Mirrors are Vibration Free.

Now It’s fair to say that the car, and the camera it was carrying struggled with this, and the Bonneville motorcycle didn’t fare much better. But, the mirror kept it’s composure and yes, there was some movement, but you could still clearly see what was behind you.

Currently, these mirrors are retailing on Halcyon’s own website for just under £45 each. The custom adapter for the Bonneville coming in at an extra £3 extra per mirror. For what you’re getting, I think is extremely good value. Especially when you look at the quality of these mirrors.

Youtube Review

Check out Stuart Fillingham’s Youtube Review!

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Triumph Thunderbird 900 with 820 Bar End Mirrors

Halcyon Bar End Mirrors are now suitable for most Bonneville triumph bikes! A smaller fitting slots inside hollow-ended handlebars.

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Ian Sanders motorcycle with 830 Bar End Mirrors

“The quality of the mirrors is excellent and they work very well on my Triumph Thunderbird without any vibrations. They are a big improvement on the previous ones that vibrated a lot. ” – Ian Sanders

Solid 100% stainless steel, highly polished, classic Halcyon mirrors are vibration-free. All mirrors use (Standard) convex mirror glass for wider viewing areas and perfect for motorcyclist safety.

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“I was a bit reluctant to buy this due to the apparently high cost but it is superb, top quality and great value. Ideal for classic bikes. You do get a clear view, so the anti-vibration design does work. So impressed that I have bought a second one.Very easy to fit, and everything stays put once tightened. ” – Red Robbo

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