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Classic Motorcycle Products

Classic Motorcycle Products

Bar End Mirrors for Motorcycles

Halcyon Bar end mirrors stay true to the Stadium's original shape and design, since the 1940s. Motorcycle bar end mirrors use an adjustable arm with convex mirror glass for wider viewing angles. Stainless steel metals components have been used to prevent rust and corrosion.

All bar end mirrors are manufactured at our factory in Hertfordshire, England, and made with great care. Halcyon has been a family-owned business for over 20 years and specializes in automotive products.

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Bar End Mirror for Motorcycles - 830

Halcyon 830 Round Head with Convex Glass

Bar end mirror with a 10cm (4 inches) circular diameter head. Comes fitted with a convex mirror glass for wider viewing areas. Convex is the recommended and most used option for motorcyclists, putting emphasis on safety. Looking for flat glass? The 835 motorcycle bar end mirror comes fitted with flat glass.

Additional Fittings Available for Triumph Bikes.
830 folding mirror is suitable for most modern classic motorcycles and Triumph bikes. Additional fitting options for Triumph Bonnevilles are available on all Halcyon bar end mirrors.

Replacement Bar End Mirror Parts Available.
Need replacement parts for the 830 mirrors? 'Click Here' for replacement parts.

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820 Motorcycle Accessory - Rectangular

Bar End Mirror with Rectangular Head - Halcyon 820

The rectangular Halcyon mirror shape is a more traditional bar end mirror style. The 820 Bar End Mirror head diameter is 13cm height and 9.5cm wide. A wider, oblong shape allows for a wider viewing area than the standard circular mirror head design.

Rectangular Mirror Head Design for a More Traditional Look.
The classic oblong style bar end mirrors are a popular choice among Triumph bike owners. During the Café racing era, riders would proudly show off the 820 bar end mirrors on their Triumph bikes.

Mirrors Can Be Folded By Hand
The folding bar end mirror design is created using precision CNC machine tooling. The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining tool creates a serrated crown shape. This crown shape allows the arm and head to ratchet 360 degrees around. A perfect feature for parking and narrow passages by folding into the motorcycle.

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Black Chrome Mirror Accessories

Bar End Mirror with Black Chrome - Halcyon 8305

Due to popular demand, we have introduced the black chrome Bar End Mirror to our selection! The black chrome finish over stainless steel is applied via a specialised process. As a result, this provides much better corrosion protection than standard chrome plating. With a stylish and yet, more subtle look. The 8305 mirrors will look fantastic on any modern or classic motorcycle.

Mirrors Also Suitable for Triumph Bikes.
Exclusive standard and Triumph Bonneville fittings are black, matching the mirror design.

Premium Bar End Mirror Products.
Halcyon philosophy, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

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Flat Glass Mirror - 835

Compact Bar End Mirror with Swivel Head - Halcyon 835

The smaller, more compact 835 bar end mirror uses a ball joint fixing. This feature allows for more precise adjustments. The head can swivel and adjust accordingly by hand and holds securely into position.

Features Flat Glass on 835 Model.
The timeless and stylish 835 model is perfect for classic and modern motorcycles. The flat glass was a more traditional mirror glass back in the day. Convex glass is not available for the 835 mirrors.

Smallest Bar End Mirror of the Halcyon Range
This compact mirror head measures 75mm in diameter. One of our newest to the Halcyon range is also our smallest Halcyon bar end mirror available.

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Bar End Mirror - Ball Joint

Wide View Mirror with Ball Joint Fixing for Wider Viewing Areas

Convex Mirror Glass - Wider Viewing Areas
A NEW bar end mirror from Halcyon due to popular demand. The ball joint fixing allows for better viewing areas.

100mm (10cm) Diameter Mirror Head - Round
100% Stainless steel bar end mirror for most classic and modern motorcycles.

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Mirror Comparison Guide
Bar End Extended Fitting

Extender for Bar End Mirrors

3-Part Adapter for Motorcycles

Standard 3-Part Fitting

Standard Bonneville Bolt

Standard Triumph Bonneville Bolt

t120 Fitting for New Triumph Bikes

T120 Bolt for NEW Triumph Bikes

Bar End Mirror Replacement Parts

Oberon Performance Ltd Accessories

Black Compact Bar End Mirror

Bar End Mirror - Black

Adjustable Silver Mirror by Oberon Performance

Adjustable Bar End Mirror

Oblong Accessory Made In England

Adjustable Oblong Bar End Mirror

Oberon Performance Ltd manufacturers motorcycle bar end mirror accessories. Oberon was formed in 1987 by a team of keen motorcycle enthusiasts. A dedicated company that specializes in high-performance automotive accessories. Feedback has been of great importance and all Oberon accessories have been designed with this in mind. Designed by motorcycle enthusiasts using the feedback of keen motorcyclist customers. Buy with confidence with peace of mind on all Oberon accessories.

Find the Full Oberon Mirror Range Here

All Bar End Mirror products are masterfully created in a factory located in Britain (Hampshire).

Handlebar Motorcycle Mirrors

Handlebar Mirror Oblong - 850

Handlebar Mirror - 850

Handlebars in Round Shape - 860

Handlebar Mirror - 860

Clamp Bracket for up to  One Inch Bars - 870

Clamp Bracket - 870

Halcyon Handlebar Mirrors for up to 1inch Diameter Handlebars.

Find the Full Handlebar Mirror Range Here

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