Mark 5 Vision Goggles

Airfoil - Mark 5 Goggles

OTG Mark 5 Vision Goggles suitable for wearing over the top of glasses, suitable for all motorcycle, classic car and sport activities. Clear and Tinted lens types available and can fit most helmet types.

Chopper Goggles

Choppers Goggles

Chopper Goggles / Sunglasses come with soft, padded, foam frames and a variety of colors for all weather conditions, for day to night cycles. UV protected with impact resistance, wind and dust protection lenses.

Best Selling Goggles

Classicpartsltd | Halcyon Goggle Products

Halcyon offer a large range of quality goggles, providing you with classic, modern style goggles/ sunglasses at great prices!

A wide variety of goggle brands are available, including; Halcyon, Bobster, Nannini, Airfoil and Chopper Goggles! Eyewear suitable for Motorcycling and classic car riders, also for a variety of sport activities such as cycling, skiing and motocross, etc.. to wear over their open faced crash helmets.

Traditional style pilot goggles are also available in our Aviation section featuring replica WWII leather flying goggles.

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