Puncture safe- Tyre repair kit

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A single puncture safe treatment will:

  • Permanently seal punctures caused by objects up to 6 mm in diameter, providing here is no structural damage to the tyre.

  • Reduces space within the tyre material itself, in addition to reducing under inflation which causes excessive heat built up leading to reduced tyre life.

  • Controls most blow outs.

  • Improves fuel economy.

  • Allows the inner tyre to run cooler.

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Product Description


The liquid gel coats the inner Tyre just 2 mm thick. When a puncture occurs the centrifugal forces of the rotating Tyre combined with the internal air pressure and lubricant in the gel help expel the puncturing object. The gel then fills the puncture where it seals and cures to a flexible rubbery plug which is permanent. In the event of a positive seal it will be far superior that a traditional vulcanized repair that can fail due to heat and stress. The excellent coverage of the polymer gel in the inner tyre in a moving motorcycle helps eliminate bead leaks and natural porosity in the rubber which helps maintain tyre pressure. Will not seal punctures in the much thinner sidewall, but will give a slow and controlled deflation from the puncture. Will only seal punctures that are safe to seal.


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