About Halcyon and our Products

Facts about Halcyon

A History of Quality

Halcyon originally began solely as a manufacturer of metal components over 40 years ago working closely with companies such as Stadium to produce parts for their range of products such as the Stadium Motorcycle mirrors and the popular MkIII range of Goggles. Over the years Stadium began concentrating on other more profitable areas of their business and eventually made a decision to discontinue the production of certain Classic Car and Motorcycle accessories and their range of traditional goggles. As Halcyon already made most of the components for these products and had a good working relationship with Stadium, a decision was made to continue offering the Stadium range of classic products directly from our factory.

Halcyon Made in England

Our factory is located in Hertfordshire just north of London in the county town of Hertford. We have always focussed on low batch work of high-end products requiring a high level of skill and a very hands-on approach. Halcyons have a relatively small workforce of committed employees that have worked for us for many years and have developed a high level of skill that would be almost impossible to replace. Having a workforce of experienced staff who each specialize in a role within the production of our products allows us to always maintain a consistent quality that we could never hope to reach should we choose a more cost-effective approach to manufacturing.

No Compromises

During the boom of mass produced components made in countries like China, many of our popular classic products such as the Halcyon Bar End Mirrors and our Goggles were copied. With manufacturing costs in China being a fraction of what it costs to manufacture in the UK, it became a real struggle for us to stay competitive on price. At this time we could have taken the easy route and sent all our tooling overseas and had the bulk of our products made for a third of the cost. Thankfully it was decided that we would not compromise on our traditional methods of production and that we would continue to focus on making Quality British made Classic Accessories.

Listening to Our Customers

For many years Halcyon were only supplying large wholesalers and distributors of car and motorcycle accessories, this, unfortunately, meant that we had very little contact with the end-user. Since we began offering our products directly to the Classic Motorcyclist and the vintage car owners via our website and on a mail-order basis it has allowed us a chance to get some extremely useful and constructive feedback on specific products. The combination of our customer's suggestions and having 100% control over production, gives us a unique ability to quickly introduce improvements and adaptions to our range.

Developing our Products

Although we try our best to retain the appearance of our Classic Automobile Accessories and apparel it is also important that we improve and adapt them whenever possible to keep the product functional with modern equipment and practices. With additions such as the newly designed nonslip headband with extended clips on our Halcyon goggles, to allow it to fit more modern motorcycle crash helmets. Many off our developments have been successful thanks to the information and feedback provided by our customers, so if you would like to let us know your opinions on any of our products please click here