Halcyon Classic Goggles

Halcyon Classic Goggles

A-Grade Quality Leather

All Halcyon leather goggle apparel is hand-made using soft lamb nappa. Only the finest A-grade quality skins from reputable brands is used for our craft. Brands such as GHLeathers and Pittards specialise in elegantly soft, natural leathers. Each leather face-mask is then hand-stitched to solid brass frames. Each Halcyon goggle is carefully created with great care at our factory in Hertfordshire, England.

Classic Goggles by Halcyon Manufacturing Ltd

Classic Goggles - Halcyon

High-quality motorcycle goggles using real, soft leather facemasks. All Halcyon goggle frames are chrome-plated or painted over light-weight brass frames. Each goggle is made and hand-stitched with great care, made in Hertfordshire, England.

Using weather-resistant materials, Halcyon goggles are the perfect choice for open-faced helmets. Comes with silicone lining for extra grip with a fully adjustable headband, one size fits all.

Compact Goggles Compact Goggles Hot!

Due to popular demand, a smaller Halcyon goggle was created. Compact goggles use smaller frames with less face-mask padding, going for a sleeker look. The compact goggle will also provide a more guaranteed fit for most helmet sizes, ranging from very small to very large.

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RAF Goggles RAF Goggles New

Halcyon has a range of RAF aviation-style goggles suitable for flying and motorcycles. Using traditional blue styled frames with brown leather facemasks. Find out more about our Battle of Britain range.

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Steampunk Goggles Antique Style Goggles

Using brown leather with highly-polished brass frames. Our unique, Steampunk-themed goggles will look stylish with most classic and modern motorcycles.

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Italian Goggles

Nannini Italian Goggles

The Nannini Company was founded in 1954, with a long history of a high level of quality production. Each goggle is hand-stitched in the Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Atelier Nannini prides itself on producing high-quality products. This Italian quality is shown in each Nannini goggle type, providing a unique style for the entire range.

Bobster Goggles

Bobster Goggles

The Bobster Company was created in 1994. Bobster specialises in high-performance eyewear for people with active lifestyles and extreme sports.

All goggles are shipped from the USA, providing us with a whole range of different goggle types. These goggle types range from RX prescription ready, Convertible, OTG Style, and more!

Royal Air Force Command Goggles

Royal Air Force Replica Goggles!

Hot! Each RAF Replica goggle comes with an annotational booklet, providing information for each RAF Command. Find out more about our original style goggles that were used back in WW2!

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OTG Goggles

Goggles for riders with glasses (OTG)

Having trouble finding protective eyewear for riding with spectacles? 'Click Here' to find our range of goggles that are suitable for riders who wear glasses.

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