Halcyon Bar End Motorcycle Mirror Feature

A combination of classic style and precision engineering. The Halcyon bar end mirrors are arguably the best quality classic bar end mirror on the market. A classic style suitable for old and new motorcycles! Halcyon bar end mirrors have many key features. These key features set it apart in quality and design from similar styled mirrors.


830 Motorcycle Bar End Mirror
Halcyon Mirror Arm

Made in England

British made, high quality bar end mirrors. Mirrors are created and assembled in a small manufacturing factory in Hertfordshire.

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Halcyon Mirror Knuckle

Folding Bar End Mirrors

Knuckle allows the mirror to fold. Perfect for 'on the fly' adjustment when going through narrow passages. Halcyon mirrors can be folded by hand, no tools required.

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Halcyon Fitting

100% Stainless Steel

Halcyon Bar End Mirrors are made from 100% non-corrosive metals. No rust or flaking chrome! All components are weather resistant and made to last.

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Halcyon Back of Mirror

3-part Expanding Fitting

17.5mm Diameter fitting comes as standard with all Halcyon bar end mirrors. Slots inside hollow ended handlebars and expands to secure inside. Fits most motorcycles and can be reduced in diameter if required.

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820 On Triumph Motorcycle
Convex Mirror Glass

Replaceable Convex Mirror Glass

All Halcyon bar end mirrors use convex mirror glass. Convex mirror glass provides a wider viewing area for a much safer road experience.

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835 Mirror Head Available

Smaller Mirror Head Available

Multiple mirror heads are available for Halcyon bar end mirrors. Including the 835 mirror head. A small, 75mm diameter, round head, with a ball joint fixing for better adjustment.

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830 Halcyon Bar End Mirror

830 Mirror

Round mirror head with Convex mirror glass

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820 Halcyon Bar End Mirror

820 Mirror

Rectangular mirror head with Convex mirror glass.

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8305 Halcyon Black Bar End Mirror

8305 Mirror

Round mirror head with Convex mirror glass. New and unique: Black Chrome finish over solid stainless-steel metal.

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835 Halcyon Bar End Mirror

835 Mirror

Round mirror head with Flat Glass. Mirror head uses a ball joint fixture, this allows for a better adjustment.

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