Halcyon Vintage Leather Gauntlets for Classic Car Enthusiasts

Classic Car Enthusiast Fashion Wear

Add class to driving with an early 1930's elbow-length, luxurious driving gauntlets.
A fashion accessory no classic car motorist would leave the house without.

British Made Product - All Halcyon gauntlets and apparel are sewn in England, Hertfordshire, by glove specialists.

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Vintage Gauntlets for Classic Car Owners

For the glove box!

A perfect accessory to store inside the glove box of your classic motor
vehicle and bringing back the purpose of a cars 'Glove box'.

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Leather Treated by Italian Glove Specialists.

Made from a lamb Nappa material, purchased from GHLeathers.
Skins originally found within the North Africa region. Skins are then
tanned and treated in Italy by glove specialists, with a long history that
knows exactly what they do. Lamb nappa also allows for extra grip
while not sticking to the steering wheel.

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Durable Materials

Durable Materials

A durable and thick, soft lamb nappa leather material.
Gauntlets come lined with white fleece cotton, this also helps
when driving under cold weather conditions.

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Fleece Linged Gauntlets

Outside Seams for Comfort

Machine sewn gloves with seams on the outside.
This makes for a much more comfortable fit when worn and driving.

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Available in a Halcyon Box Set

Leather Apparel Box Sets

Can be purchased as part of a Halcyon Leather Box Set
Available in several different colours.

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Many colours to choose from

Various Colours.

Available in Black, Brown, Green, White, Red, and Blue.
The colour you choose is a personal choice. As an example,
you may want to match the colour of the gloves to the interior of your car.

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Halcyon Youtube

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