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About Bobster

Established in 1996, the Bobster team quickly put themselves on the map by designing and creating high performance eyewear within the United States, creating goggles and sunglasses for active lifestyles, for example: motorcycling, cycling, shooting ranges, water sports, skiing, paint balling and many other extreme activities. Bobster goggles and sunglasses can also be used for general purpose i.e. walking, running and general exercising.

Creating a reputation

Bobster are well known and have built a reputation for creating and applying new technology to their goggles and sunglass products. Bobster goggle products are durable, long lasting and many convert into sunglasses with detachable headbands.

Worried about safety?

Don't worry! Safety is paramount with Bobster goggles, all goggles and sunglasses meet safety eyewear standards (CE Approved/ CE EN166:2001 and EN1938:200), perfect for road use and riding. Some Bobster Goggle types passing Ballistic tests ( Bobster goggles are used for

Military ) for military combat and training, allowing lenses to take heavy impacts without shattering.

Bobster Mission

To meet the demands of customers with quality products, for active lifestyles by providing practical and high durable, long lasting, safety and protective goggles and sunglasses without the sacrifice of comfort. Provides lifetime warranty on all goggle product manufacturing defects.

Bobster Goggles | Banner

"Look great with Bobster goggles!"

Bobster continues to apply the latest in eyewear technology to their goggle products, while keeping the modern theme and look, allowing customers and sport enthusiasts to keep stylish in whatever activity!

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Goggle Frames:

Open Cell Frames

Open Cell Frames - Tends to be lighter, softer and more sweat absorbing than closed cell foam. Open cell foam also has a tendency to provide a better seal or fit because it is softer and conforming to the contours of the face.

Closed Cell Frames

Closed Cell Frames - Has low water absorption, while being weather and chemical resistant. It also provides ventilation to reduce fogging and has a tendency to be longer lasting than open cell foam.

Neoprene Foam Frames

Neoprene Foam Frames - Is a flexible and durable synthetic rubber sponge that provides good thermal and moisture insulation while being very durable.

Goggle Lenses:

OTG Goggles OTG GOGGLES - Wear glasses? OTG (over the top of glasses) goggles are suitable for riders who wear glasses

RX Ready RX READY - Need prescription lenses? RX goggles allows for prescription lenses to be fit.

Photochromic PHOTOCHROMIC / TRANSITION LENSES - Designed to automatically darken/lighten to the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that reaches the lens. The advantage of a transitional lens is you can wear your eyewear all day and not have to carry multiple sets of eyewear with you or change your lenses according to light conditions.

Photochromic Lens Photochromic Lenses - Adjusts automatically to changing light conditions throughout the day. Great color perception.

Clear Lens Clear Lenses - Low light conditions or night riding while providing 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Amber Lens Amber Lenses - Filters blue light which provides excellent contrast, heightened definition, and depth perception in bright, overcast and flat conditions.

Smoked Lens Smoked Lenses - Great all purpose lens. Natural color perception.