Halcyon Mark 9 Vintage Flying Goggles - Black Leather

  • Goggle size - 19cm Width x 9cm Height

  • One size fits all - Fully adjustable headband (Lined with silicone strips for extra grip) & suitable for wearing over open-faced helmets

  • Real leather facemask - Hand stitched over soft foam for added comfort

  • Tough polycarbonate lenses - Shatterproof/ scratch resistant and 99.9% UV protected; Meets Safety Institution Standards (BSI - BS4110)

  • Goggle frames - Silver/grey paint over solid brass frames for the unique, stylish look

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Product Description


The Halcyon Mark 9 Vintage goggle is the perfect choice for enthusiasts with a taste for classic style. It is manufactured in the UK to a very high standard and has a lot in common with the Mark 49 goggle. The silver painted solid brass frame is hand-stitched to a soft black leather facemask, and the nose bridge screw is made from quality stainless steel. The lenses are made from 99% UV-protected polycarbonate which is treated with a scratch-resistant coating. Each lens is housed in an independent frame which can be easily removed from the goggle to allow replacements to be fitted. The head band now also comes fitted with triple silicon, elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when worn over an open face crash helmet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Colour Black
Frame Finish Silver painted
Face Mask Leather
Product Code No
Goggle Mark 9
Manufacturer Halcyon


Practical *and* safeReview by Yonaton
I've owned my pair of these goggles now for over 3 years. If it weren't for these goggles, I'd have trouble finding a reason to ride a bike anymore.

I own one mode of transportation - my Harley. I found, by complete accident, that sitting a bike hurts my back far less than sitting in a car or pickup truck (I'm disabled from my back injury).

Before I found Halcyon, I'd used all sorts of eye protection from plain cheapo sunglasses to expensive foam-ridged sunglasses, all to keep debris and wind out of my eyes. Nothing worked very well or lasted very long (the foam stuff usually begins to peel or break-down and fall apart within a month or so). I'm one of those that *must* have protection from the wind as my eyes water excessively at the slightest breeze, which as anyone knows makes it hard to see anything.

I finally found Halcyon's website after spending countless hours online searching for 'something better'. Made a choice of goggles from the huge selection and made the order hoping I hadn't wasted money I can ill afford to waste.

Back to the present...as far as I'm concerned, it ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made and the best money I've ever spent.

They fit on my half-helmet just fine. I ride all year round and rain, shine, snow these goggles are the *main* reason I'm able to do so. I've even ridden in a sudden hail storm that lasted for 15 minutes. The glass lenses (which I use over the ones that come with the goggles as they're slightly clearer...to me at least) got a quarter-inch tiny hairline crack in one of them. Normally that spells the end of a glass lens or windshiled etc as the 'crack' usually will just keep spreading over time.

This one is still the same size and can barely even be seen, so it's not hindered my sight one iota. I contribute this to them being 'laminated' glass, just like safety glass. Also, because they're 'glass' and not poly, I can use RainX on them without worry.

The 'smoke' lenses are also just dark enough to make riding in bright daylight easily bearable, and surprisingly, just light enough to ride at night wearing and still see quite well.

Just 'because' though, I ordered a pair of the 'clear' lenses, and if not in a hurry I will usually change to the clear lenses for night riding as there *is* a difference. I only mentioned that the dark lenses can still be worn at night to let everyone know that it's not mandatory to have both clear and dark lenses with you. I keep the clear lenses wrapped in a sock so that there's plenty of 'cushion' between each and then keep that in my handlebar bag along with a microfibre cloth for wiping the lenses down on whichever pair I'm going to be using (gotta clean off the bugs during spring, summer and fall), a tire pressure gauge and an AA LED Maglite.

In the winter, there's the fogging problem. This I overcome with a trick I learned 40+ years ago as a swimmer training to hopefully one day tryout for the Olympics - spit on the inside of the lenses and swirl some water around to sort of wash the spit out without actually 'cleaning' it all out, don't wipe with a cloth or paper towel or anything after dumping the water out. This should work to keep the fogging down at least until you take the goggles off and expose them for a while to the outside cold.

Anyway, if you hate wind in your eyes, bugs, rain, etc, then these are the goggles to get. No type of 'sunglasses' are going to come close to being able to claim the same.

One thing to *NOT* do though with your goggles (at least if they're real leather) - don't use any leather products on them (neatsfoot oil, mink oil, etc) as this *will* get through the leather (as it's supposed to) and eventually to the foam underneath the leather and cause it to stop being 'springy'. I cleaned my goggles in warm water and mild soap and it took a long time squeezing out the water, soap and leather product stuff from them because it doesn't come through the leather very fast at all.

The best thing to do is just once or twice a year clean the goggles in warm water and mild soap to get the old sweats and skin oils out of the foam under the leather. Then hang the goggles somewhere to dry if you have the time. The leather will not get hard or brittle as it's not 'rawhide'. Once cleaned, the foam is again 'springy' and the goggles are once again keeping all breezes from out of your eyes.

Sorry I wrote so much, but I just can't say enough good things about these goggles! (Posted on 08/08/2014)
MK9 Vintage Black Goggle ReviewReview by Andy Nissen
I placed my order on 16 Feb and received my goggles on 23 Feb. Very fast shipping all the way to Iowa in the U.S. The goggles, Mark 9 Vintage - Black with clear laminated glass, are fantastic. A quality product that works and looks great with an open face helmet. Just what I wanted for riding my Ural. (Posted on 23/11/2012)

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